Pipix is a colorful game inspired by Pipes and Tetris from the good old eighties!

Your mission is to create a path from two blocks of the same color. Tap a block to make it rotate (you can’t move any blocks). This is really simple at first, but getting harder the longer you play. Try it now and feel the flow when you playing :-).

Pipix is fun to play alone, but is even more fun to play with someone else. You could sign in with Google in the game to be able to play online or try to get the best score on the public leader board. You could also play against someone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Pipix is designed to have a good performance with smooth graphics even for older devices. If you have a phone or a tablet doesn’t matter, it will always look good.

Review: I like challenging and original games, and this is one of them. Pipix is a combination of Pipes and Tetris game (yeah I know it doesn’t make sense), but that’s when the originality of this game comes. As any pipe game, you need to connect the dots (or circles) by tapping the blocks to make them spin, once you connect dots of the same color they dissappear, in the meanwhile many other pipes drop from the “sky”, so you have to be quick. As simple as it sounds, this game has everything, it has Google Play integration for achievements and social scores, it has local and online multiplayer too, so if you like puzzle games, this is the game for you.

Rating 5/5

Google Play

Reviewed by Hiram Farrera - AndroidKi.com

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